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E-Recruiting Questionnaires integrated in Entry of External Applications

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is it possible to integrate Questionnaires in the function "Entry of External Applications"? I need the recruiter to be able to complete questionnaires for the candidate within entering external applications.

If I try to integrate Element 0012 "Application Wizard: Questionnaire" using container sequences I get an internal error. Is it necessary to create a custom BSP page for this purpose?

Any help is appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Gabriel,

integrating the questionaire function into the candidate profile maitenance you can enter from the Manual/Minimum data entry for external applications handed in by hardcover or email is not possible. Reason for that is the different object relation of the application wizard and the candidate profile container sequence items which is leading to the error you encountered when you tried to mix the containersequences.

Usually when implementing e-Recruiting and you decide to use the manual data entry function at all you use a different szenario. The system is designed that after entering the data you can switch to the candidate selection and add the application wizard questionare through creating an activity. If the candidate gave you an email address you easily send him the questionaire so he can fill it. If you have no email address you can send a letter with a printout of the questionaire which is entered by a recruiter/datatypist when returned or you just call the candidate an fill in his answers.

Í admit that this is a bit more time consuming than having the recruiter enter the information directly but as I have seen in most cases the recruiter does not get all of the information needed from the cv and stuff the applicant send in.

In an approach to give a full answer to your question I think you should also know that there is another organizational solution to this problem which is mostly on the process design side of the e-Recruiting implementation. Many companies just bypass this MDE questionaire topic by a strict restriction of hardcover applications. Often companies do not accept and enter these applications into the e-Recruiting system at all. They just print a letter from Word saying the applicant he shall use the online way. The Manual Data Entry is only for real Talents/Star-Applicants they need so urgently that they really cannot effort to loose them by forcing them to enter their data online. But if someone is so good, so special noone cares about the questionaire - just invite him to the interview and ask him.

To be honest I recommened this solution as it is the most efficiant way to deal with hardcover applicastions.

Best Rgds.


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