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E-Mail Icon in Toolbar

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Good Day


I have been assigned a new task of e-mailing attachements from one of out AddOn screens. The requirement would be to pop-up the "Send Message" box just like when you are in the Sales Order screen and hit the e-mail button in the Toolbar.

How can I get to this using my code?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You should activate the proper menu id. Im not sure which id it is (you should use event filter for this or Ill check on Monday), but the code is

oMenuItem = SBO_Application.Menus.Item("2079") - instead of 2079 use proper id for emailing


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Thanks for the reply. I haev used the suggestion in your post...found the menu# to be 6657.

Do you think it is possible the have some things pre-populated on the screen when it opens?

The e-mail box checked and messages in the Subject and Body would be of interest to me.



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Yes, the form of email is sbo form with formUID, so when you want to prefill it, before opening the form of emailing, save to some global variable, that the form of email is opened by you, then catch the event for opening form with email, and beforeaction = false, check if is your opening by global variable (to prevent situation that the form is opened from other form), set global variable to other value and prefill the values.


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