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Dynamizing Material Specifications and Inspection Plans in SAP

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. I am facing a challenge regarding the dynamization of material specifications in SAP and I'm seeking some guidance on potential solutions.


Currently, I have a situation where I have linked an inspection plan to a material in SAP, and I have also maintained material specifications (QS61). However, I am looking to make these material specifications dynamic, which means they can adapt or change based on certain criteria or conditions. Specifically, in the inspection plan, we distinguish between logistical and technical inspections. Within the technical process, material-specific tests are to be conducted. This is precisely why I have maintained material-specific inspections. However, I am unable to find a setting where I can dynamize them based on characteristics in QS61. Can anyone provide guidance on how to achieve this?


If anyone has expertise in this area, I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or recommendations you could provide.


Thank you in advance for your help!


Best regards,


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Material specification is fixed for the material at client level where the material can have plant specific multiple inspection plans. Have you tried using both inspection with mat spec and task list for a relevant inspection type?  (via the inspection type setting at material master)

This way you can handle the dynamic part with the inspection plan, depends on the inspection type or inspection plan you select at the inspection lot. In case of multiple inspection plans you can remove “automatic assignment’ tick in the inspection type setting, where you can select the relevant task list at the inspection lot.

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Hi, Thank you for the response! The issue we're encountering is that while we understand we can dynamically adjust within the inspection plan, we're seeking a way to also dynamically adjust the material specifications created via QS61. Are you aware of any solutions in this regard?