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Dynamic free goods

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How do we configure free goods in the following scenario.

The client wants to sell an excavator(EX1) for some amount, let's say 1,00,000 INR.

Along with EX1, he wants send despatch a Bucket for free.

EX1 may be despatched with only one bucket B1 or B2 or B3.

In the sales order the user will enter EX1 Quantity 1 and one Bucket (B1 or B2 or B3).

The following are the requirements:

In Sales Order (manually entered):

Line item 1:  EX1 Quantity 1

Line item 2(manually entered): Bucket Quantity 1  (B1 or B2 or B3)

The Sales Order, Invoice document should display the break up as:

EX1 Quantity 1 = 1,00,000 INR

(B1 or B2, B3) = 20, 000 INR (but 100% discount).

Is it possible to configure this.

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use item category TANN for free goods items (B1 B2 B3).

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Thanks Abdul for your reply. But the items (B1 B2 B3) when sold separately are billable.

My requirement is to make the items (B1 or B2 or B3) free only when sold along with EX1, EX2.....EXn.

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To enter a free good as a sub-item, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the material number of the free goods directly under the higher-level item.
  2. In the second entry line, in the HgLvIt field (higher-level item), enter the item number of the higher-level item
  3. Choose Enter.

Various dialog boxes requesting header data can appear at this point. This occurs if, for example, you have defined several ship-to parties or unloading points in the customer master record of the sold-to party. If an availability check determines that stocks are insufficient, the system displays a screen containing delivery proposals.

After you have provided all the necessary information, the overview screen reappears. In the standard version of the SAP R/3 System, the system automatically assigns the item category TANN to the free goods item.

if you use free good items frequently, then go for free goods determination, how? go to -->

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hi newbie...

   this you can get in Sales BOM .where only EX1 will be having pricing element and rest B1 or  B2 or B3 sub item .

So whenever you will create order for EX1 .. automatically B1 or  B2 or B3 will be picked as sub item with Zero value in it . 

Maintain CS01, usage 5, and assign B1 or B2 or B3 to EX1 (main material)

Hope it is helpful .



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Thanks Avinash for your reply.

I dont think I can go for BOM, the reason being with EX1, based on customer choice the end user manually enters only one bucket (B1 or B2 or B3). I would know (B1 or B2 or B3) only after I enter EX1.

I am testing all these inputs and let me see which one works.