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dynamic Credit check - problem -Delivery creation from Sales order

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we have a problem which i would appreciate some help with.

Sales order is blocked for credit and subsequently released via VKM1

BUT as soon as line item is selected and then Sales document > deliver -

the Dynamic credit block kicks in again straight away, no other changes have been made

why is this occurring ?

I managed to get round the problem by creating delivery via VL10c and selecting line item and then create in background

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You also need to consider if you have any code in any SD user exits that could be triggered during the delivery creation process. This may cause your Order to go back on block. Otherwise, I would have expected that it would be delivery that gets blocked. If it is the delivery, then you could look at setting a period of days when a new check would not be carried out, or decided whether that particular type of credit check is even relevant for the delivery doc stage. The dynamic blocks can get quircky with expected behavior, particularly on long lead time orders that include order related billing. Dynamic checks seem to work best with end-user expections when in a delivery related billing scenario.

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Pls review two things:

1.Check the reason of order blocking in VKM1

2.Check the settings of field "Doc. Value" in OVA8 and the maximum doc. value agaisnt it.




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Hi Tony,

Do you have a credit check active again at Delivery level?

In OVA8 - for the combination of credit control area, risk cat & credit group - please check field 'Number of days'.

If you do not wish to carry out the credit check again for the released doc, here you can maintain the number of days.

Description of F1 for this field is as below.

Credit check: Number of days without check

Specifies the number of days after which a changed document must be re-checked for credit.


This function is used for checking documents that have already been released by a credit representative, but that have subsequently been changed. The system does NOT carry out another credit check if the following conditions are met:

The value of the changed order is not greater than the value already approved for credit (inclusive of the deviation factor), AND

The current date is not greater than the original release date plus the number of days specified here



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Please check the horizon in credit management. May be you are set some period for this.

Run Program RVKRED08 : Checking sales documents which reach the credit horizon

The report checks all sales documents, which reach the dynamic credit check horizon, as new. The report runs periodically, and should run at the start of a period. The period for the u2018date of the next credit checku2019 is proposed from the current date, with the help of the period split for open sales order values.



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Please check the infostructure S066 if that updated correctly after doing VKM1.

S066 table is updated with open sales order values.If that is the case just try the following

Same value you can check in FD33 in the status screen sales value field.

You need to run RVKRED 77 to update and RVKRED88 to simulate the values.

I tried the same with one of my client .