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Dynamic Actions

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Can someone tell me what KENNZ = * means in a Dynamic Actions. I know what are the possible values of KENNZ: P, I , W, V, F or M but what does * mean?

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You can open V_T588Z and focus on column named S (It is field KENNZ) and type F1 help, then you can see system documentation about this column, it mentioned like below.

Indicator for step

P - Check conditions

I - Maintain infotype record

W - Set default values when creating a new record

V - Reference to another step

F - Call routine

M - Send mail

Other entries in this column mean "comment line".

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Does it means its commented out?

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"Commented out" means that it is inactive.

It is something that is often used to write a comment (in a Program, Schema, PCR, etc.), or to deactiveate something without deleting it's code.

So, to answer your question, yes an * as the first character in the "Variable function part" will comment out that line.

In the following example, the first line is only a comment (even if it's indicator is a P), and the subsequent 2 lines were deactivated because they were no longer required (since upgrade to 4.6).