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Dynamic Action, need to insert an record with date after 3 months

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Hi Gurus,

I have to write a dynamic action which should work as - when 'create/new record' adds 3 months to the begin date of the IT0000 BEGDA and stores in the IT0041.

I have idea on how to write the dynamic action. Here my question is how to calculate date which is after 3 months if I dont want to write any custom subroutine (program code) by technical consultant.

Any standard subroutine available to calculate the date for dynamic action?

thanks in advance.


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Answers (4)

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I wanna add a little explanation about this dynamic action. In this case, I use Infotype 0016 as the previous infotype. Try to write this on dynamic action.

Path : Personnel Management->Personnel Administration->Customizing Procedures->Dynamic Actions

IType Subtype Field Name FC No Variable Function Part

0016 06 01 P P0016-CTTYP='Z2'

0016 06 02 I INS,0019,Z3

0016 06 03 W P0019-TERMN=P0016-CTEDT

0016 06 04 W P0019-VTRAN='3' -> '3' this is the number of day, year or month

0016 06 05 W P0019-VTRZH='012' -> '010' = Days, '011' = Weeks, '012' = Months, '013' = Years

0016 06 06 W P0019-VTROP='' -> '' for future date, '-' for past date

IType : previous infotype number which triggered the next infotype with deafult value.

Subtype : subtype of infotype if we also want to specified the subtype.

Field Name : field name to be checked for executing dynamic action.

FC : Function control, used to determine which infotype function executed will run this dynamic action.

00 for Independent of the current function carried out

02 for Change

04 for Create

06 for Change and create

08 for Delete

10 for Change and delete

12 for Create and delete

No : the number that identifies the step of the dynamic action

Variable function part : the function to be executed.



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Hi Rupali,

Try the following for infotype 0000.

0000 04 01 P P0000-MASSN='XX'

0000 04 02 I INS,0019,01,,(P0000-BEGDA),(P0000-ENDDA)/D

0000 04 03 W P0041-DAR01='01'

0000 04 04 W P0041-DAT01=P0000-BEGDA

0000 04 05 W P0019-VTRAN='3'

0000 04 06 W P0019-VTRZH='012'

0000 04 07 W P0019-VTROP='+'

VTRXX fields are used to add/subtract time value from a field ( in this case DAT01 field).

These are not only used for IT0041 but for any infotype.

i.e. 3 months (012) added to P0000-begda.

All unit values (e.g. 012 as months) can be retrieved from T538A table.



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Hi Rupali,

Just in case you are maintaining 0019 for a reminder of requisite action, (and you have'nt thought about using this option to populate 0041) you can use the available date to be populated in 0041 against a specific date type using Dynamic actions without any sub-routines.

Ex: You maintain an Expiry of Probation task type with a date on execution an action for a New Hire.

Best Regards

G Raj

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Hey Rupali,

I tried a few tricks but I dont think it can be done without routines. Do check if experts have any other suggestions.