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Duplication of Amounts in the RT for IT0014 wage types

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Dear Gurus;

I've tried to copy my customized wage types from some standard wage types like "M740 Union Fees" but whenever I run the payroll I get the amount duplicated.

I've checked the log and noticed that during the processing of "SAV1 Import recurring payments/deductions" the amount becomes the double. I've checked Processing Class 76 and it's blank, Processing Class 47 and it's A, and Processing Class 10 and it's 0.

Would you kindly help me know how can I fix this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards;


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For any Payroll related query, it would help if you would mention the Country.

In the employee's IT0014, what are the values maintained and what is the Payment Model selected?

If you were to do a Payroll Simulation for one employee, with the "Display log" box checked, and drilled down into that log to Function P0014, what would be the Amount generated for that Custom WT?

What Function calls PCR SAV1 ?

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