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Duplicate Cost Center

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I have a cost center showing up twice in the standard hierarchy. Is there a way to delete one of the the duplicated cost center.

Please advise,

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Standard Hierarchy Inconsistencies

Issue: one Cost Center is repeating in more than one node in Cost Center Standard Hierarchy.

Update from SAP Global support, the following was the email received:

in transaction KSH3 please run both the ambiguity and completeness check(Menu -> Extras -> Check and Help functions).

If you think that your standard hierarchy is inconsistent you can check that as following:

Run transaction Extras -> Hierarchy - Master data -> Test. The result shows you if there are in consistencies. If that is the case run also Extras -> Hierarchy - Master data -> Comparison.

Alternatively, you can run the report 'RKCORRH1' (TN SE38).

Run both the Hierarchy->Master data->test and the

Hierarchy->Master data->comparison.

As stated above inconsistency message showed after Test. Run the comparison and you get a similar message.

Once the above two are run, again when you go to test, the inconsistency disappears.

If it is successful, please assign points

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Thanks a lot Durga, the solution worked!

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It helped us