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The user reportyed the following:

On the detail of the documents due (for all dunning levels) , we would like to inverse the sorting order of the due date and first mention the oldest document due and the the second oldest and so on.

Today it occurs on the opposite way, the first document mention an the remind is the more recent and the oldest one is the last mention on the list.

It brings a lot of confusion to small customers who pay the first mention in stead of the oldest u2026

See example in attachment : invoice 220106930 should come on the first line and invoice 220109110 on the second one



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Go to t code OBMD, here you may see either a variant created for dunning or you can create a variant, wherein you can define the sorting option, one option is to sort by document number and there is a check box called sort sequence which will have only descending. Based on your requirement, you can check or uncheck this box.

Hope this fix your issue.