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Hi All,

What differentiates between one dunning level to that of the other?



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Dunning is the process of methodically communicating with customers to insure the collection of accounts receivable. It follows the process that progresses from gentle reminders to almost threatening letters as accounts become more past due. SAP has automated this process

The basic parameters for dunning are set up in the dunning procedure. You can define several different kinds of dunning procedures in the system

Only those customer that have a dunning procedure defined in their master rec ord are included in the dunning run.

Dunning procedures are maintained at client level. You can set up and maintain forms individually for each company code.

The dunning level is determined by the number of days in arrears.

You can have the system print all items at a particular dunning level.

You can specify a payment deadline which is copied to the dunning text.

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A dunning level signifies the degree of politeness to be incorporated in a dunning notice.Dunning level interval defines no of overdue days corresponding to each level.Ex

Dunning level Degree of politeness Dunning level Interval

1 Most polite 7-14 days

2 less polite 15-21 days

3 Slightly threatening 22-28 days

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The dunning level determines by the number of days in arrears. Based on this, the letter generated will be different. For instance, at first level, it will be a gentle reminder and it can go up to legal notice at last level.

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