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Dunning Procedures

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Hello all,

We missed to upload the dunning procedure while mass uploading the customer master. Is there a way to upload only the dunning procedures . This is very critical for us as we are going live this week end and running short of time to load them manually as it is about 1400 customers.

Appreciate the any suggestion on this topic.

Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have you looked to see if it can be done via Mass Maintenance or Enrichment - Business Partner apps? Other possible places to look would be the Business Partner API, if there is a iRPA bot available, or a long shot if the system would allow you to use to Customer - extend existing record by new org levels data migration template to update (I'm assuming the Dunning info is in the same org you've loaded).

Just some additional places to look.



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