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In the customer account there are line item that already reched the highest dunning level and also new debt that were not dunned alreadyWhern running the f150, the old thebt are included in the run. The dunning level was not changed but the dunning date is change.How can I exclude debts that already reched the highest dunning level to be included in the run ?

The flag 'always dun' is not flagged

the flag 'print all item' is not flagged



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Answers (3)

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Dear Vered,

If you don't want the old debt to be included in the dunning run, enter a dunning block.

You can do this in the initial entry, e.g. invoice, or in the dunning proposal where you can change anything you want.


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Hi Vered

Just select always dun on highest dunning level.

Keep me updated plz.


Ayman A. Mohamed

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Thanks for your answer but it didn't help.

TThe old debt was included in the current run


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Welcome Vered,

You can block items from dunning through FB02.

Plz also try to update days on Arrears to be 999

Appreciate find attached.

Plz keep me updated.

Thanks Ayman A. Mohamed screenshot-20190716-112455.jpg

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From the help of "Always Dun" ….

A dunning proposal is regarded as changed if one of the following is true:

  • at least one item has reached another dunning level,
  • a new item was included in the dunning notice
  • the dunning level of the account was changed.

This indicator is generally set for the highest dunning level. 🙂

Does the proposal include new items from the last one ?

Try another date which does not change the orposal and check if customer is dunned.

Kind Regards