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Dunning at Sold To Party level

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Dear All,

Is it possible to Dunn at Sold To party level?

I have a scenario to Dunn at Sold to party level even though the AR is maintained at Payer(Bill To level).

For example: Payer "AUTO" has 3 Sold To "BMW", "FIAT", Renault".

Accounts Receivable of  3 Sold To's are maintained at Payer level (AUTO) hence dunning is executed on payer. however the requirement is to send dunning at sold to level even though dunning is performed at payer level.

In above example: Customer "AUTO" (Payer) has 9 invoices 3 for each Sold To's. requirement is to send a sold to with highest dunning letter of his overdue invoices in AUTO account. similarly it should send a separate dunning mail for other 2 SOLD TO's.

Is it possible to Dunn at sold to party level by running Dunning program F150 on Payer (Bill To) as shown in above screen print?

Thanks for your help or guidance in advance.

Note: Sold To can also be a payer, In above example say BMW is a sold to for account "AUTO" but he can also be a Sold to for other Payers and he can himself be a Payer.

many thanks & regards,


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You can dun customers who has postings in FI. The accounting will generate for payer only. So you can dun only for payer not possible to dun for sold party.



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Hello All

Many thanks for your inputs.

Our requirement is to send dunning to End users (Sold-To party level) where as AR is maintained at Agency level.

Is there any way to send dunning at End users level instead of Agency(Payer) if it is not possible at Sold-To level.

Can we define End user account who was setup as Sold To for Agency (Payer) as a Payer (calling as sub-payer) and run dunning at this level but wanted to know how to establish relationship between Sub-Payer and Payer to know the overall status of Agency?

Note: I tried and failed to establish using headoffice/branch office because of following business scenario.

BMW is a Sold-To for Payer "AUTO" but he himself is a Payer for "FIAT" & "Renault" hence Head office/ Branch office is not possible. Because as per standard SAP Head office/Branch office , a branch office can't be a head office.

Many thanks & regards,


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Product and Topic Expert
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If the requirement is to send the dunning notice to ship to party, you can use the field Dunning Recipient under the correspondence tab of the customer master. This will send the correspondence accordingly, even though the dunning is on the payer. However, in your case, you have multiple ship to party for the same payer. So use the concept of Grouping Key for the same. Populate the Ship to Party on accounting documents of your SD Invoices in a field. There after add this field as a grouping key field and use BTE 1040 to read the correspondence details for ship to party.


Sanil Bhandari