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Dump while running transaction; ML81N

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Hi all,

While i try to create entery sheet based on PO, i am getting the below dump.


Kindly advice me how to solve it.

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Hi - first I would share this short dump with your Basis team; perhaps they need to increase the online timeout settings. Good luck

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Hi tammy,

We have already set that "rdisp/max_wprun_time" to 1 hours but still the same dump.


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Answers (1)

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It should be the performance issue. Please make sure the following notes have been applied in your system.

1941637 Optimization of Ml81N transaction
2097840 ML81N : Performance issue with the execution of the transaction.
2517159 Ml81N: Poor performance or Time out error, while starting the transaction.
2564730 Performce issue while posting follow-on documents for Service PO
2542938 Performance Improvement in ML81N while accepting or revoking Entry Sheet
2541594 Performance improvement for external service PO

Best regards,