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Dump during mvt type 103.

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I am doing MIGO - GR against Outbound Delivery with Mvt type 103.

I receive the following dump. If for the same case if I do MIGO via 101 then no dump observed.

What could be the determining factor which creates dump while 103 & not with the case 101?

Dump as follows -

Category               ABAP Programming Error

Runtime Errors         MESSAGE_TYPE_X

ABAP Program           SAPMM07M

Application Component  MM-IM

Date and Time          03.09.2014 12:47:09

Short text of error message:

Posting termination to ensure data consistency - SAP Note 1776835

Long text of error message:


     The material document posting was terminated to maintain data

     consistency. An expected COMMIT WORK or ROLLBACK WORK statement wa

     triggered which is in turn caught by this error.

     Data has already been preselected for the UPDATE at the time of th

     COMMIT or ROLLBACK. If a COMMIT WORK or ROLLBACK is initiated in a

     enhancement, these are then written or rolled back into the

     database. If another error occurs during subsequent processing

     after a COMMIT, a complete ROLLBACK can no longer be performed,

     since the data up until the point of the COMMIT has already been

     written to the database. Otherwise, if no further errors occur

     following a ROLLBACK statement, the part that is subsequently

     entered into the posting is also written to the database.

     This can result in an inconsistent status, for example a material

     document without accounting document or an accounting document

     without a material document, which can only be repaired with

     considerable cost and effort.

     Inconsistencies that were caused by an incorrect implementation

     must be corrected by SAP in accordance with SAP Note 83020, subjec

     to charge.

System Response


     Remove the critical sections of code from your customer

       enhancements, such as MB_DOCUMENT_BADI. For more information about

       this error and how to avoid it, see SAP Note 1776835.

   Procedure for System Administration


  Technical information about the message:

  Message class....... "M7"

  Number.............. 685

  Variable 1.......... " "

  Variable 2.......... " "

  Variable 3.......... " "

  Variable 4.......... " "

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Answers (3)

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Have you checked the note which is showing in the "Short text of error message:".

SAP Note 1776835 - Preventing inconsistencies by posting termination in MM

The note explains the reason and solution for the dump.

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Do you have a badi anywhere in this process? If so I would debug this.

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Yes , we have used badi MB_documents_badi for customer enhancement  as we want to trigger the mail after the GR.

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Can any body will tell me the BADIs which can used/triggered only after the creation of Material document.

Currently problem with dump I am getting is that System is giving dump as we have written 'commit work' in customer enhancement for triggering the GR-mail which is happening before the document posting (System Commit) & system is giving dump as it notice the 'commit-work' in customer enhancement before  Posting the DOC.

My problem will be resolved if I get BADI which can be triggered after posting the DOC.

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If you look into the note properly, you will get the badi.

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I want the BADI, which will trigger the GR-mail after the material document is posted by the system, so that there will be no conflict with the 'Commit Work' which I have written in customer enhancement before system is committing for posting.

If I will get some BADI after the material DOC is posted in MIGO-GR-103Mvt type,then it will do my work of triggering the mail.

Wanna BADI that can used/Triggered after posting the MM-Doc in GR-103 Mvt type.

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You can try to find a badi by using this document

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I gone thru the Link it ws really useful, but in that nowhere I can find the BADI which can be used after Posting the MAterial document in MIGO.