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Dummy Profit Center issue in Vendor clearing

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Hello Experts,

Currently we are on New GL (with document splitting) and have classic GL active in our system as well. We are now working on clearing historical vendor open items with transaction F-44 where the vendor balance is $0. In FGI3 report, the current balance of dummy profit center is $0. But when we clear any of the vendor through F-44, it shows two line items with true profit center in the entry view and four line items with true profit center and dummy profit center in the GL view (2 GL lines & 2 clearing account lines). We understand that the dummy profit center is coming in the GL view from the preceding document (Please correct me if this is not the case). Because after clearing, the dummy profit center amount in FGI3 report increases by the clearing amount. We have maintained a dummy profit center for all the balance sheet accounts in 3KEH and maintained true default profit center for set of the balance sheet accounts in FAGL3KEH (The recon account of the vendor is not maintained here.)

So my query is how to get rid of dummy profit center in GL view and get a true profit center? If that is not possible in this scenario, how can we move the balance of dummy profit center to true profit center?

Thank you in advance.



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You have maintained the Dummy profit center for all balance sheet GL accounts in FAGL3KEH hence while clearing the vendor account system are getting that profit center. You can remove the dummy profit center from Reconciliation GL accounts, as there is no need to default profit center for reconcilaition GLs because the system will pick the correct profit center from GL line items.