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Dual Control for Customer Master Records

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Hi !

Has anyone used the Dual Control functionality for customer master records?

SAP documentation simply states that the system will place a payment block. However a 'payment block' makes no sense for customers. For a customer who has an outstanding change that is yet unconfirmed, we were able to create a sales order, delivery, PGI and invoice. Surely the system won't prevent us from applying cash.

The Dual Control functionality makes sense for vendors, but we are somewhat baffled by this function in the context of customers.

If anyone has any insight into this, please advise.



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hello, anisha.

like you, i have also wondered what the payment block in the customer master is for. after reading the documentation and asking an FI consultant, i gather that this block is apparently used to prevent automatic payment transactions for a customer.

again, why anyone would want to automatically post payments for a customer is an issue i wish to explore. perhaps this applies to scenarios where very many customers pay the exact invoice amount or have the payments guaranteed? or perhaps to prevent automatic offsetting of a customer/vendor account?


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