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DTW - Oinvoices

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Having some problems with DTW for Oinvoices. Trying to bring in open AR for new client. Templates are fine if the ItemCode is specified but when trying to bring in Service item getting message:

Data cannot be empty in one of the tables Doc1, Doc3, Doc10. [INV1.LineNum][line:0]Application-defined or object-defined error65171.

Fields are tab-delimited. "-" used in example data for ease of reading:

Sample Data:


Record Key - Card Code - DocDate - DocDueDate - DocType

1 - C40000 - 20090430 - 200904030 - S


Record Key - LineNum - ItemDescription - Price

1 - 0 - Testing Service Import - 2.00

I've only seen references to the Doc1, Doc3, Doc10 related to serial numbers on the forums so I'm at a loss.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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DocType should be dDocument_Service

DocumentLines should have account given.



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Thank you for the quick and accurate answer. I had taken the account out in an effort to step through errors but once I added it back and change the DocType as indicated everything is great.

Thanks again!

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