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DTW - multiple lines in a field

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If you want to import/update fields via DTW to include multiple lines, here's the way to do it.

1. Open the DTW Template in Microsoft Excel

2. Enter a new line in the cells using ALT+ENTER

3. Save the file as a Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) file.

You will then be able to import this file in DTW.

When there multiple lines in the cell, Excel will enclose the content of the cell within double-quote characters when saving as a .txt file. If you do not want double-quotes in the field in SAP Business One, you could open the .txt file in notepad and delete these characters before doing the import.

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Additional information:

If you use another application to edit/create the DTW Templates you should note that DTW accepts only the 'Line Feed' character for multiple lines within a single field. If, for example, you use 'Carriage Return + Line Feed' it will not work.

The Line Feed character is note visible in Microsoft Notepad. But it is visible in other applications such as Notepad++.

Line Feed is denoted as:

In general: \n

Unicode: U+000A

Hex: 0A

Caret notation: ^J

However, it should also be noted that when a new line is saved in the SQL database, it's saved as Carriage Return (CHAR(13)).


Paul Feeney

SAP Business One Forums Team

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