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DTW Inventory Posting Error

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Dear community,

I am trying to import an inventory posting in SAP B1 (HANA on-premise version 9.3) through the DTW (Data Transfer Workbench). So I am using 3 templates: inventory posting header, inventory posting lines, and inventory posting batches. But it's always a failure.

I'm receiving the following error: "1 Created Failed 1 Cannot add row without complete selection of batch/serial numbers65171 "

Note that when the initial quantities of item batches in the specified warehouse are all zero, the import is a success. But when there is a certain quantity for a batch, I receive the error. I also tried adding rows in the template for the batches with zero quantities in the warehouse; also same error.

Does anyone know how should I write my data?

3 templates3 templatesbatches templatebatches template

I attached sample photos. Note that when I first manually set the item quantity in warehouse WH0002 to zero in SAP, the first example worked and it posted qty 10 for the batch '2027-12-31'. But if there is an existing qty, it's unsuccessful (with and without rows 2 and 3)

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA 

SAP Business One 


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If you do this manually in the UI and you have for example 10 quantity of a batch managed item and then you count it to zero you have to select all of the batches at a negative quantity to write out.  In my example you would need -10 quantity of batches.

I see in your batch sheet that you have zero quantities for certain rows.  Likely you would need to set those rows to the negative quantity (or perhaps positive?) in order for it to be complete.  I always look at the UI for examples of how the data should look.


(I tried an example here where I counted out 185 quantity down to zero)


(SAP required me to select all of the batches it thought it had on hand even if I said zero were left because it doesn't know what was taken out or added even if we're removing everything)

You seem to have no problem for the positives because you have say +10 quantity and then +10 explained batch quantity so this makes sense.

If you have zero and then zero batch quantity I think you need to count zero and then account for the -10 batch values the same way you would doing it manually.

Let me know, I can do more testing but this is what came to me as I was looking at this question,


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Thank you for the reply. It was so helpful and solved my problem.

It seems the inventory posting doesn't accept the actual quantity of the item batch, but its variance (+ or -). So if I have an initial quantity of 10 for batch 1, I will have to input it as -2 if the counted quantity is 8. However the inventory count takes the actual quantity per batch as input.

Thank you so much 🙂