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In order to upload the Item Data Master using the DTW, what could be possible scenario ?

1- Is there something in the Inventory general settings  to keep in mind before the upload  ?

2- What could be a logical order to follow ? , could it be something like this :

a- First define wharehouse , list prices  etc.
b- Upload the Item data master (option Add New Data)
c- Upload Items-Wharehouses: Stocks, minimum, maximum (Update Existing Data)
d- Items and prices (Update Existing Data)

Could someone  tell me if there is a better approach ?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Some of initial settings must be correct before any uploads. Things like if you allow negative inventory  or not. If you use  batch or serial number or not.

For the logical order you posted, they are correct. There is no shortcut other than the order as you posted.

Mandatory fields for upload are very limited. You may find them in the help file from SDK.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Efrain.......

There are no such necessary settings in General Settings. But if you do it then better before Upload. You may auto add all warehouse whenever new Item is created.

You may simply upload the Master Data first and later as per need you can upload rest of the things like Item Prices, Warehouse.........



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Thanks Rahul:

But I wonder, If we are working with a relational database, there could be some restrictions associated with relational integrity, and then I don´t know what would happen if I apply a new record with the inventory stock for a wharehouse but at that time the wharehouse doesn´t exist, in this event the relational integrity wouldn´t  let the action.

From my point of view (as a computer engineer), in a case like the previous   it should be necessary to define the wharehouse before applying records to other tables that use that definition.

What is your opinion  about my comments

Best regards.

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HI Gomez

Its better to upload the item group and warehouse along with items and there is option'Automatic add all warehouses to item' when its ticked than,it will add all the warehouses to the items which you are uploading,or else you can define different warehouse manually to that item.

First, you need to upload item groups and warehouses and assign them accordingly to item.


you can define code for system default item group 'Items' and Warehouse as 'General' for time being and upload the item master,later you can upload the item group and warehouse.