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DRAO table size

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Dear All,

We have a situation where the size of table DRAO is increasing beyond the acceptable limits.

The documents stored in this table are the EHS final reports and their cover sheets. (DMS types SBE and DBE)

I have found a couple of SAP notes 413150 and 586293 in this regard and I am exploring the options mentioned in these notes.

Also, I am aware that there is a program RC1_DRAO_DELETE which can clean up this table.

At this point, I am not sure where it would impact If I delete the table records. Would it cause any inconsistency ?

Environment parameter settings in EHS are fine from an operational point of view and the final reports are set to 'Historical' after 2 days of generation.

I would highly appreciate if you could kindly share your experience regarding this issue.

Best regards,


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Hi Hitanshu,

the reason why the size of table DRAO raises is that the document types SBE and DBE do not use the KPRO storage and store the original files into the database. Please set the flag 'Use KPRO' in the details customizing screen in transaction DC10 for both document types. Afterwards the originals will be saved in a content server storage category and content repository which is maintainable in transactions OACT and OAC0. Afterwards you need to migrate the 'old' originals which are still stored in table

DRAO to the Content server. Therefore you can use for example report DMS_KPRO_CONVERT and DMS_KPRO_CONVERT2.

As this migration is a very complex and serious change in your system I would recommend you to contact your local consulting organisation for further questions and help.

Best regards,