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Drag and relate from User query not working as expected

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Hi All,

Could anyone shed some light on why using drag and relate from a user query is not working for me?

Drag and relate works well from all system generated queries, but not from my user queries.

For example:

- System query/report - running a system stock report and dragging the 'Item number' field result to a D&R Sales Order generates a report of all Sales Orders for the selected Item Number. As expected - success.

- User Query - running a item lookup report from a user generated query and then D&R to Sales order for the selected Item Number does not work. Error = 'No matching records found (ODBC -2028) [message 131-183]

Any ideas?

Best regards,


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Hi John,

I believe Drag and relate only works for system form. The whole function is hard coded. It will not work for any queries including system queries.