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Drag and Drop functionality in Schedule production FIORI App

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Hi All,

With S/4 HANA 2020, the functionality to drag and drop dispatched orders is enable in Sequence table for Schedule Production FIORI App. Could anyone please help me understand how this works and if there are any specific settings to do ?

Currently I am using following settings but still can't drag and drop the orders:

Planning Mode - Sequence

Scheduling Control - Insert Operation (Finite)

Thanks in advance.

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The term drag and drop means moving of the orders either across the time line or between two resources. This movement of the orders is done generally manually due to which the term is called drag and drop. Ideally you should be able to move the orders across the time line. However between two resources it depends on the data modelling.

The key is settings in the strategy profile. In case you have issues please share the relevant error screen shots, to suggest, possible causes.



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I found "Production Scheduling Board" fiori app, which I believe has to help me to manipulate drag and drop actions in order to schedule my production operations. However, I'm facing with some issues and I can not bring the work centers / resources to the initial screen to manipulate my actions. Can you please guide me with the step by step actions to be able to use this fiori app?

I'm sharing some screenshots for you so you can have a better picture what I'm struggling with.

P.S the problem can be in the area of responsibility since I don't know to activate them too.

Thanks in advance.