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Downpayment Issue

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Hi Gurus,

Im performing a downpayment and these are the steps i did

1) F-47 to create a downpayment request

2) F110 to pay the downpayment

3) FB60 to create the invoice

4) F-54 to clear the invoice using the downpayment created

However, after I have done F-54, it says document 400000024 posted. But when I goto FBL1N, this document is still under open items and is not cleared, Is there any more steps which I need to perform?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (3)

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Hi everyone,

thanks for all the replies. Points have been awarded

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I am trying to design the downpayment for my company and I am facing a critical technical issue that I would appreciate your help. The downpayments are treated as a full payment or advance payment .

The process which is the standard sap process

create PO > create request F-47> payment run F110> GR Migo > Miro or ERS > F-54 > F.13 auto clearing program.

Now the problem i am facing is similar to what some are facing in the post above. I understand that SAP dose not know what invoices to be applied to in F-54 and that is why we have to do it . However the problem is when I am processing multiple GR which will also creates multiple invoices yet for the same line item in the po, which was advanced paid. The problem the system in F-54 will clear the entire downpayment posted for this line item, yet the invoice is only a partial or that downpayment and i am expecting more invoices later. an average of 5 GRs per week , making 5 invoices per week for the same line item. is there way in sap to work around f-54 to allow multiple invoices to be cleared against the downpayment . I did find one solution in F-54 which is to enter the amount to be cleared with the invoice, but i have to do that manually and calculate the amount manually, and i don't want it to have any manual touch points. Please help ! thanks

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u have done 80% of down oayment clearing..

In F-54 sceen u will transfer special GL (Down payment)to normai GL. after that u will go to F-44 screen clear that invoice with down payment... then invoice will be caleared..

follow above procedure.. and check in FBL1N ..



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Also u need to try F-44 for vendor clear

F-54 only clears the down payment and any excess TDS

Thanks and Regards