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Download from VK13

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Hi All,

Our requirement is we want to download data into Excel from Vk13/Vk12.

I have tried with 'condition Information' option available in VK13, but that does not give me the amount, material description.

SE16 is a support transaction and cant be given to the user.

Tried V/LD but could not find any standard pricing report which gives download of VK13.

Can anyone help me out, is there is any option available in SAP to download data from VK13.

Thanks & regards,


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Answers (5)

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Hi Friend,

I am fully agree with what Vikas has guided. You should create an new pricing report  via V/LA. transaction for this and from there you can download as per your requirement.

Steps :

You can create your own pricing reports with the transaction "V/LA".

The path is IMG-Sales and Distribution-Basic functions-Pricing-Maintain Pricing reports.

Step 1

Enter a short text name, consisting of two characters, the first of which must be a letter, and the title of a pricing report that you would like to create. On the next data screen you will see all key fields used in conditions, listed in alphabetical order. Select all key fields that should be taken into consideration in the pricing report.

Step 2:

If you choose “Edit -> continue with AND”, all condition tables are evaluated, that contain at least one of the selected key fields. If you choose “Edit -> continue with AND”, all condition tables are evaluated, that contain at least one of the selected key fields. In the next dialog box, mark all condition tables that are to be evaluated.

Step 3:

Choose “Continue to list structure” to define the screen structure for the pricing report. Make sure that on the next screen all key fields from the selected tables appear. Fields, that are not used as selection criteria when displaying the list later, can be removed by undoing selection in the “Selection” column. Fields can be marked as obligatory fields on the selection screen. The structure of the pricing reports means that information can be placed in different places in the list. The layout contains the following elements:

Page Header

Group Header


To execute this report, use the transaction V/LD.

Path: Logistics-SD-Master Data-Information system-Conditions and Pricing-Pricing reports

Also, check the existing reports in V/LD like 28/15/17.

Reference :



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Hi Kundan

Your solution is correct and I have done for tax condition rate for my project. But client want to get report should download into excel from pricing report V/LD

Please guide me.



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Hi Ali,

You can use V/LD for pricing report, You have to create Z report in V/LD based on your condition table for exp condition table 901 plant/customer/material key combination parameter.

after create new report in V/LD you can down load the price report as per your requirement.

If you need more help to create the report reply me.



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Have you checked in KONP?

G. Lakshmipathi

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You can also create a report using SAP query tool. It won't take long and you'll be able to view and download information from ALV.


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Check if it is applicable for you.

Execute the condition record and select all condition records, then choose Menu - Condition - Issue Output To - Screen. You can able to see all condition records in the screen with detail information.

Not choose Menu - System - List - Save - Local File.

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Hi Patra,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes we can do it as suggested by you but it will not be downloaded into proper EXCEL format- Column wise.

Anyways thanks all for your valuable inputs we were able to download desired report via V/LD option 16- Individual prices.