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Down payment no final invoice

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I have created a down payment. It was ok, I have made the followign steps:

1. Create the downpayment using a millestone billing plan in the SD order

2. Create the down payment request in SD (VF01)

3. Posting the down payment request (VF01)

4. Collect the downpayment (F-39)

However when I have try to make the final invoice, no value have been substracted from the total invoice value (the down payment previously made have to be substracted). Why the downpayment quantity is not substracted in the final invoice?

I appreciate any suggestion

Thanks in advance

NOTE: I have made the down payment customizing:

1 Billing plan.

- Material with item category group 0005 (milestone billing).

- Billing plan type: 01 (Milestone Billing)

- Date category: 03 (Down payment request -proc.)

2 Pricing Procedure:

- Subtotal with the base value calculation formula 2 (net value) before the condition AZWR.

- Condition Type AZWR

i) Calculation type B (fixed amount)

ii) Condition category e (down payment request / clearing).

iii) Included before output tax.

iv) Condition 2 (item with pricing)

v) Calculation formula 48

vi) Printing indicator

3 Sales document: TA

4 Sales document position TAO

5 Billing Document: FAZ (down payment request)

6 Copying control

- From TA  FAZ. Copying requirement 20 entered at item level (item category TAO).

- From TA  F2. Copying requirement 23 entered at item level (item category TAO).

7 Financial Accounting settings

- Field status definition G031 assigned to reconciliation accounts - For the `received DP' and `DP requests'.

- Posting key maintained for the down payments (posting key ANZ in the standard system) and the output tax clearing (posting key MVA in the standard system)

- G/L account number assignment for the tax account.

- For posting key 19, set the sales order as an optional field (transaction OB41).

- For field status variant 0001, field status group G031, set the sales order as an optional field.

- Assign the company code to the field status variants (transaction OBC5)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi gonzaliez

Once we create billing document with billing type FAZ then it will be passing to FI and then they will take that accounting document into down payment request G/L account and then they will clear once the customer pays the amount.This you can see the status through document flow in VA02. In the same way create the billing document of the next date which is F1 billing type then that amount will come in the billing data and then they will be cleared in the same way



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Hi Sri nath,

Thanks for your answer. However it doesn't answer my question

In the same way create the billing document of the next date which is F1 billing type then that amount will come in the billing data and then they will be cleared in the same way

I have create the billing document F1. There are a billing data and the amount is wrong. I understand DP should works as follows (I explain it with and example):

Total order amount: 1000

1. Invoice DP (FAZ type): 200

2. Millestone invoice (F1 type): 500. Invoice value = 500

3. Millestone invoice (final invoice) F1 type: 500. Invoice value = 500-200 (which is DP) = 300

And this invoice value can be seen in SD billing

Am I wrong?

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Hi Gonzalez

Say in the sales order ->item data -> billing data you have given the data as follows

Say for example :

Net value - 5000

No. billing date date billing type amount

1st billing date - 07/11/2008 FAZ 1500

2nd billing date - 14/11/2008 FAZ 1000

Final Billing date - 15/11/2008 F1 2500

So when you create 1st billing you will get Rs 1500/- and for the 2nd billing you get amount of Rs.1000/- and When you do your final billing then you will get Rs.2500.

But when the 1st billing doc gets generated for Rs1500 it has to be cleared by FI also and even for the 2nd billing document and finally for the last billing date.Then the accounting gets cleared



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I take your example.

Total order value: 1000

DP: 200

1st Bill: 500

& 2nd Bill: 500

In SD these three billing document will be created. You cannot create 2nd bill as 500-200=300.

When you receive payment from customer for 1st and 2nd bill for 500 each. I

F-39: In this screen you can see a field 'clear downpayment', system proposes the value 200 for DP clearing. Now in any bill it can be cleared like 100 in each bill or 200 in 2nd bill & customer will pay only 300.

After this system settles the DP account.



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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In the standard sytem there is no Final invoice value minus daown payment received.

The billing doc only shows the final value and the completed payment (i.e. downpayment cleared).

Follow these steps:

1. Besides maintaiing AZWR in the pricing procedure, need to ensure that, copy control with item cat Tao exists with routine 23

at the item level between sales doc and F2.

2. Maintain variant g031 for the GL account related to the Down payment recieved and down payment request.

3. AZWR will be included in the final invoice and clear the downpyt. (this will happen after F-29, when you post the downpyt

in the system)