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A concultant working in the above modules sd/mm/wm/cs,

shall we call me as scm consultant or logistics consultant?

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Technically SD comes in Logistics so given the above two choices I would say Logistics definitely but then these are only some modules under logistics still since they comprise a sizable chunk better to call them Logistcis consultant.

Supply chain management is a highly specialised field with integration of all the modules and its a different module by itself. THough its an offshoot of the ones you mentioned still its specialisation and features are considerably different from either of the modules you have mentioned so again coming back to your question, Definitely logistics.

If the concerned people are working in a SCM company like DHL for instance then SCM consultant because then they will be dealing with SCM even though they will be using the features in the respective modules.



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It will be called Logistic Consultant.

SCM consultant will be those who are working on APO, Transportation management, Event Management to name a few. APO being most popular, APO consist of sub modules of expertise which are GATP (Global ATP), DP (Demand Planning), SNP (Supply Network Planning) & PPDS.


Rajesh Banka

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Dear Divya,

People who are working in SD/MM/WM/CS are called SD Consultant, MM consultant, WM consultant, CS consultant. People who are working on SCM Platform i.e APO are called as SCM Consultant or They are called as PPDS consultatn, DP consultant or SNP consultant etc.. It depends how company designates its employess..............