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Doubts on Planned HU created against sales order in HUPP3

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Hi Experts,

I have following doubt on Planned HU creation using HUPP3 (since i am using this transaction for the first time and not sure if the client has done any modifications)

1. Is it standard to pack more than one sales order line items in one HU using HUPP3

I have a scenario in which business is creating one HU for more than one line items of a sales order (shipping point for all the line items is same).

The issue is in HU the VEKP_NTGEW & VEKP_BRGEW fields takes the weight of first line items of the HU only.

If the above packing process is standard have any one had this kind of issue? Please share suggest the solution.

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Hi All,

Thanks for viewing the query. I have found out the issue

The client had made some modifications to the program.

In standard SAP through HUPP3 only one line item of a sales order can be packed into one HU