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Doubts in VKOA

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Dear SAP Gurus,

Please clarify me on the following part in FI-SD integration part.

1) While maintaining the entries in VKOA tables viz., C721 or C722 or C726, we provide two GL accounts (last two columns). One for revenue and another one for provisional revenue.

Under what circumstances, we can enter in the following combinations:

Revenue GL Provision GL account

Case 1: Both the GL accounts are same.

Case 2: Revenue GL account alone.

Case 3: Provisional GL account alone. (not sure if this case is possible).

Case 4: Both Revenue and Provisional GL Accounts are different.

2) While mapping Account Determination procedure to Account condition type. we have condition types KOFK and Z001 mapped to Account determination procedure.

On what logic the system will identify tht it has to take KOFK or Z001.

Your valuable inputs will be of immense help to me in clarifying the above concepts.

Suitable reward points shall be rewarded.

Thank you very much in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sreeni

The 2nd GL Account is for accrual entry. There may be some accrual revenue entry to be posted automatically every month and for that only it is given

Condition types to be used depend on the Sequence given therein. (either Step or Counter) should be different in that.

S Jayaram

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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In VKOA you have basically two types of posting

KOFI - Financial postings

KOFK - Controlling Postings

Z001 is condition type and this condition type will be assigned to an account key. So when this account key is triggered it looks up for Gl to post which is defined in VKOA with the comination of Account Group and Account Key Chart of accounts and Sales organizaion.

Gl Accounts and Provisional accounts are different.

Gl Accounts are expenses and revenue accounts determination.

Provisional Accounts are balance sheet a/c which are payable a/c for example comissions payable to sales executives.

Provisional account will work with combiation of exp/rev a/c

Hope its clear if any confusion please revert.