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Hi sap gurus,

1.What is the use of VPRS, EK01 and Ek02? For material cost we are using VPRS why we need EK01 and EK02

2.How does the rule MALA decide the picking location

3.Can one have multiple packing for delivery

4.) What is the use of condition type in pricing procedure determination?

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vprs, ek01 and ek02 links

2.Picking location = Shipping point + Plant + Shippign condition as per MALA rule

3. Yes it is possible to have multiple levels of packign for materials.

For ex, match sticks packed first in matchbox and then in cartons and so on.

4. Condition types nothing but hte elements of pricing. For example, the total price of a material may be divided into basic material price, freight charges, discounts on the materials etc. Each such element is represented by a condition type in SAP.

Reward IF this helps.

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<b>What is the use of condition type in pricing procedure determination?</b>

The condition type that you enter here would be seen, with its value, in the line item level without having to double click and going to the condition tab page in the order. Just scroll to the right side of the screen you would get the field.

You can give the condition type that would have to be seen regularly and to make it comfortable for the user we enter the condition type in OVKK. It could be any condition type not necessarily PR00.



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Hi Rajesh,

3) Yes multiple packing can possible in delivery, like example, soap, it packs in cover and then 24 pics in one cartoon, here two packing are happening..for that you need to goto sales order header extras--> packing proposal and pack the items in cover first then pack in cartoon.


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2)system determines the picjking /storage location based on rule defined in the delivery type


3)yes u can have multiple packing for example promotional sale packing and normal packing

4) condition type determines the pricing of the material where it picks using the access sequnec