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What is the use of Delivery & Billing documents Header and Item.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear rajesh,

weather it is order, delivery, billing document

Header data will apply for whole document and item data will apply to perticular item only..

rewards if it helps


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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basically header data applies to all the items in the document and item data is relevant to items only. If there are 10 different items then the item data may be different for all the items.

So in delivery when you want to take out the print out of delivery note- LD00 so if you want some data to be applicable for all the items in the document then you can use the header data like TEXTS. Similarly item level data also can be changed indiidually.

For billing documents if you want to print the vehicle number/LR number then use header text so that the details will all be applicable for all the items.

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Allabaqsh G. Patil

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A document is nothing but a data container. Documents can be used to capture transactions. A document can act as a proof of transaction. To capture transactions in SAP system there are 3 types of documents:

Sales documents

Delivery documents

Billing documents

Header Level Category (VBAK): At Header Level Category, organizational data, master data (Ex: sales area, customer details, net order value etc) are going to be stored.

Item Level Category (VBAP): Every sales document will have one or more line items. Those line items are going to exist at item level. The data that is going to be captured at item level applies to a particular line item only.


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In case of delivery and billing not made with reference to sales order certain customization ( Basic functions and assignment) , Master data , ABAP programing ( User Exits) can form a source of data for Delivery document. For this reason Header and Items for Delivery and Billing is important.

Apart from this, in normal sales process , when del and billing made with reference with sales order various functions like avalibility check, incompletion log can be assigned at these levels so that data at header and item can behave accordingly.

Pricing procedure can also be assigned to billing document at header and item level so that corrections in price can be done after sales order in billing.

There are many such functions where the business process demands to retrive data of del an billing from masters or customization rather than copying it from sales order and so there is a provision of header and item for delivery and billing document



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if u have understood the use of sales document header and item levels.its the same with delivery and billing.there isnt much of a difference inthe functionality.