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Doubt with Iview Team Calendar

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I have the following issue.

The system in the iview Team Calendar is showing an employee that are not to the Organizational Unit of the Boss.

The employee "Jorge" had a organizational change from 23.08.2011.

In the iview Team General Information:

The information is showed right. The employee is not listed. that's true.

However for the iview Team Calendar:

the system is still showing the employee. This is bad.

This is the behavior standard for Team Calendar, however I want Know the following:

Is posible that this iview not show to the employee "Jorge", if this employee had an Organization Unit?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Yes it is team calendar will be correct only next month as it takes month iview as supposed to other which is updated daily ie

general information

so thisis correct behavior for team calendar

The employee will continue to be shown for a month ie till the

month he is been changed, after that he wont be shown, let me explain

Usually in SAP reporting, If a person is active for a single day in

the Organisation ie in August and we run the report for August, He ll be

definately shown. This is the way our application works, This is

consistent with all reports. So he ll be shown if the org unit if he is

active for a single in the org unit and we run for the month. But next

month he wont be shown as he is not active.

This is the intended functionality,

Hope this clarifies, Please close the message if you have no

further queries for us

so he should appear correctly in next month, Please verify

Edited by: Siddharth Rajora on Aug 25, 2011 6:13 PM

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Are you seeing in daily view or weekly view? "Jorge" appears in both of them?

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Hello Carmen,

You are referring to :



generalinfo_employeesearch gets displayed in Team -> General information section.

teamcalendar displayes in Team section.

The difference is generalinfo_employeesearch iview uses MSS_TMV_EE as value of property "Group of Organizational Structure Views".

wereas....teamcalendar retrieves its value from MSS_LTV_EE.

MSS_TMV_EE & MSS_LTV_EE are Organizational views as defined in table "TWPC_ORGVWGRP"

or SIMG_SPORT (Tcode) -> Business Packages/Functional Packages -> Manager Self-Service (mySAP ERP) -> Object and Data Provider -> Organizational Structure Views -> Group Organizational Structure Views.

Now in your case there must be some difference in evaluation paths used by respective views in these groups.

You need to first study these entries in above path and observe where difference exist in your case.

However, if you can let us know what value from drop down you select to display employees in both iviews you mentioned....we can tell you where exactly the difference is ?

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Object Selection : MSS_LTV_EE_DIR

Rule 1 :MSS_LTV_RULE5 (Rule for Root Objects)

Rule 2: MSS_LTV_RULE1 ((Rule for Target Objects)

Evaluation path: MSSDIREC

Restrict Object Types: P

Deletes Duplicates: X

Exclude Manager: X




Object Selection: Objeto de Seleccion : MSS_TMV_EE_DIR

Group of Data Views: MSS_TMV_EE

Rule 1 :MSS_TMV_RULE1 (Rule for Root Objects) Managed Organizational Units

Rule 2: MSS_TMV_RULE2 (Rule for Target Objects) All Employees

Evaluation path: ORGEH_T