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Doubt Service Who’s Who

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Dear Expert.

I have the following doubt with the service of Whou2019s Who

We have implemented ESS for several country. ie ESS for Argentina, ESS for Miami(10).

The system not allow search employee of Miami, if this employee is Argentina.

ie. If employee that is login in the portal is Argentina, this not can search employee of Miami, only allow search employee of Argentina.

How can do for that the system allow search all the employees?


Wilman S-.

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Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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WHICH infoset query you are making use of ? Did you check the molga attached to it

For PZ01 SAP offers two options for selection methods, BAPIs or query.

You can set the selection method (BAPI or query) using transaction

PZ01CIf you are using Query as the selection method, the Query tool will

generate a report that is based on the logical database PNP. And in this

logical database the authorization checks are performed. If you are

using query as a selection method the structural authorization

restriction will remain. But if you use BAPIs authorization check has

been deactivated in Who's who (PZ01 program).Query id is generated

dynamically and their names are stored in the table T77WWW_WHO. If

changes are made new query ids are generated. Hence you need to add the

newly generated query id whenever you made any changes to done to this -

if you have opt for the 'Query' method.

check the p_abap object authorisation