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Doubt On EBS

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Dear All,

while in ebs clearing i understand there is an outgoing payment account, an incoming payment account and a main bank account, incase client has only one main account  and doesn't classify any outgoing or incoming payment account then how do i go about it ?

best regds


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Answers (4)

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Hello All,

thank you for the response, things here are little messy than I thought. will come with more queries if i have any.

best regds


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hi Subha,

If you are client has no separate outgoing and Incoming GL account its ok, but I assume to be able to post EBS clearing entries there should be one interim account. Post initial payment, receipt entries to this clearing account. and on EBS upload and clearing, these will be transferred to Main account.

On any given date your Main account balance will match with balance in Actual Bank and the entries in clearing account are the reconciliation entries.


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Hi Das,

If you are getting reference number or document number in the EBS file then below process will work.

Create Posting Rule with Posting Area 2.

Put posting area 50 and account symbol for main bank account in credit side.

Don't put any posting key or account symbol in debit side.

Put Document type KZ and posting type 7 in posting rule.

Assign your external transaction type(Example 497 with posting rule Y11) with posting rule which you defined earlier

Post one vendor invoice through FB60

Execute FF_5 for importing bank data into SAP.

Put all the required parameter in FF_5.

Give your document number(BELNR) or reference number(XBLENR) in FF_5 parameter.

system will clear the open invoice.

Vendor a/c debit

   Main Bank a/c credit.

Hope it is clear.



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You have one bank account (GL 1), but GL wise: incoming (GL 2) & outgoing payments (GL 3)

when posting outgoing payments via payment run (F110), system posts

CR outgoing payments (GL 3)

DB Vendor

when bankstatement arrives:

CR Bank (GL 1)

DB outgoing paymments (GL 3)

customer payment via EBS:

DB Bank (GL 1)

CR incoming payments (GL 2)

DB incoming payments (GL 2)

CR Customer