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Double taxes in a single sales order

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Hi Guru's,

please help !

The requirement is to calculate taxes two times in a single sales order.

GST will calculate on condition type ZMIS & ZRSA and PR00 as well. Not necessary that GST % are same.

please refer below tables.



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To Rajesh,

This question is still unanswered for us.Would you please mind to update here the business requirement and how you solved this requirement? So that same question doesn't arise again.

We ask the questions and expect their answers on FOC but when we solve it ourself then we don't even bother to share it with community members who spend time, energy to reply. Hope you take it positively.

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Your earlier process also not taking your miscellaneous(ZRSA & ZMIS Types-9k) charges as base in calculating Tax-this we observed from the screen shot.

But in your new process-You mentioned that Tax need to be calculated on this 9k-Is it right?(Normally taxes will never be calculated on freight charges and other charges-Pl discuss with your client on this)

If they want ,Just change these Miscellaneous charges and RSA charges prior to your Tax condition type In your pricing procedure(V/08)-So it can be achieved as required-Do a complete testing with these charges and without these charges and check system response.

Hope this helps you.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The requirement is to calculate taxes two times in a single sales order.

You need to tell why and is it a statutory requirement ?

Your question requires additional information. Please make sure that your question outlines the steps you took to find information and create the question again. This way members will know that you searched and were unable to find what you needed.
You may also want to include screenshots of what you're seeing, to help members further understand the issue. And please provide some additional details, as the question is fairly short.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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By looking to your requirement it seems that:

1) GST is applied on vehicle base price which is in total 18%

Now 2) On second part you wanted to apply for Misc charge and RSA charge.

for second part if always GST rates would be 18% then on total( Base price+Misc+RSA) you can calculate the tax.

But if Misc and RSA are the services then the GST rates differ than vehicle base price tax. lets say 12%( In screenshot its 18% again)

If the GST rates are different then you can not achieve two taxes in single pricing calculation. One for base price and other for services like freight.

Better way you can create a serviceable material and calculate taxes separately on it.