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does SO number range allow format 'ABCD123456' for internal assignment?

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Hi guys

Our client has such demand for so number range, sale order number starts with letter and follow up with numbers  for internal assignment. likewise 'AB123456' . how to achieve this goal? could anyone share some ideas?

Best Regards


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adding to solution proposed by Mr. Jignesh Metha, don't forget to tell your abaper to consider how system will react when you reach latest number of your range , what will be next number, for example for range from AA000000 to CC999999, when you reach AA999999 next should be AB000000, not AA000000 which be duplicated.



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You have to create number range object in SNRO

and use Function module to call this object as number range to sales order

Function module you should use is "NUMBER_GET_NEXT"

check with your developer and revert



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Hello Peng,

It will not be possible to have alpha numeric number ranges for Sales orders through SAP Standard Automatic Number Range maintenance.

One option is external number ranges, but I understand this is not practical for Sales order.

Another option is to go for enhancement & insert a ABAP code in User Exit USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE in program MV45AFZZ.

The program will refer to a Z-Table where the required number is maintained. Please speak to your ABAPer on this & he will do the needful.


Jignesh Mehta