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Does MIRO supportted "sperate landing cost to each G/L" ?

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Dear Guru,

First of all, Let me explain my problem:

we want to sperate the landing cost into each G/L account when we using MIRO.

For instance:

- 1. A Vendor provided us the goods (Computer) and we already receipted the goods. Now we want to specific his landing cost to 0000001 account via MIRO.

- 2. B Vendor provided us the goods (Laptop) and we already receipted the goods. Now we also need to specific his landing cost to another account 0000002 via MIRO.

Is it possibile to do that in MIRO ??

Has someone can give me an advice ?

Is it the only one solution which is rewrite the user exit LMR1M001 & LMR1M002 ?

Best & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Setting in Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification

Incoming Invoice --Activate Direct Posting to G/L Accounts and Material Accounts

Then seprate G/L account tab will appear in the Miro you can enter G/L account and debit or credit value their.

reward if helpful,



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks all,

Is it that means we don't need the user exit ?

i came across some user exit but nothing to found... ...

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Hi Carlos,

Here you can solve your problem as follows.

In customizing steps

IMG--> Material Management --> Logistic Invoice verification --> Incoming Invoice --> Configure how to post undelivery cost

here you can make settings on company code level where to dedit your unplanned delivery cost whether to different GL code or in Stock account.

Second thing

In invoice tab at item level where total invoiced quantity and value appears there in GL code tab you can also mention your unplanned delivery cost.

For example your total amount to pay vendor A is 120 where 100 rs meant for Good value and 20 rs as unplanned delivery cost. So this extra 20 rs either you can mention in details tab as undelivery cost and mention pay party as same vendor there.

Third option which is in your case if you want to debit this amount in different GL code then this amount you can put in GL tab mentioning your GL code and amount to debit.Then in this case no need to mention unplanned delivery cost.

I hope you must have got your answer.


Vivek Sharma

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