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Does B1if leverage DI-API at all?

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I have implemented multiple DI-API solutions for one of my clients, but am not thrilled with the performance of DI-API in version 9.x.

I'm starting to investigate alternate integration options and am wondering if the B1 integration framework would be a better choice?  I know that the B1WS interface still hits the DI-API behind the scenes (where the web service layer is really a wrapper around the DI-API framework).  What about the B1if?  Does this utilize the DI-API technology at all, or is it based on a different core layer?  Would the performance be better and would the B1if be an optimal way to go in the future?

Thanks in advance for responses!

~ Jonathan

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jonathan,

there seems to be a misunderstanding, the Integration Framework of SAP Business One (B1if) does not replace the DI API, B1if is using the following technical adapters to connect towards a B1 company:

  1. DI API Connection.
  2. Service Layer connection (only for B1 on HANA version 9.1 and higher).
  3. Using the JDBC connection for read only.

Best regards


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