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Does anyone know the functionality of quantity string in T156M?

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Hi MM experts,

I would like to know what is the usage of quantity string in T156M. I cannot find any information on internet. What's the relationship between a BUSTM - Posting string for quantities and a moment type? how many quantity strings should be mapped to a movement type? And, of course, how to maintain it?

In my cross-company goods movement scenario, I created a PO from receiving plant via ME21N from cc 1100 plant 1110 to cc 1000 plant 1010. Then a outbound delivery is generated via the PO with txd VL10B. But in the delivery's material document, I saw the partner profit center seems to be empty, and the receiving plant seems to be empty too(in calling FM MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT 's importing table imseg).

I found a flag DM07M-KZUML (Stock transfer/transfer posting) is very involved in the logic. And the value of it is determined by T156M of the movement type 645. This is the reason why I asked the question.


Cain Sun

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