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Documents items Vs Physical items @ PGI level

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The scenario is like the following:

Sales orders or STOs will be created at Head Office level, and at Warehouse Delivery processing will happen, but while selecting materials from the storage locations user selects wrong material with respect to delivery document and despatches the same. How to avoid this or to validate a the delivery stage -- can any one came across this ??

by using barcode scanner can we control this?( this avilable at wwrehouse only)

Is there a userexit available in the delivery document.

Please respond -- thanks in anticipation

This is a real time scenario.



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this is a common issue in real scenarios, but very difficult to fix.

If you say to someone: pls. ship an applet, and he picks up ans ship an orange while declaring the apple shipping in the system.... you have no chances to get the error in the system !!

One way to reduce error is introducing picking with barcode readers: this is more feasible with WM module that has already some logic implemented for barcodes in picknig scenarios.

If you use no WM you could make some development to check and confirm a picking list shooting materials and the custom program confirms the delivery if all is ok.