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Document Splitting Issue in S/4 Public Cloud involving Product

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Good morning,

I am facing an unexpected behavior of document splitting in S/4 Public Cloud. I have prepared a template for Upload General Journal Entries including one document and several line items assigned with a tax code (for which I have activated the automated calculation of tax and net amounts flags.

Across those line items, we have one profit center in common and different assignment for the Product (Material Number). All of those Products are assigned to the same profit center as well.

Although the configuration for the document splitting is standard (only zero-balance at Segment level), clearing document splitting items are triggered by the solution, as the dummy profit center is assigned to the tax account.

When removing the Products (or put one and only Product for all line items), no clearing document are posted and tax line item is assigned with expected profit center.

Could you please help me understand logic and link between Product and Document Splitting?


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Checking internally

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Dear Romain,

For this issue we may need to check in your system directly, would you help to raise an incident with business user (CB998*****) provided, as well as an example journal entry to be analyzed? Thanks a lot.

Best regards,