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what is the use of the "Complete for ECM" indicator?? in customization.

when the same was posted before i got the reply as below

"if u have linked ur DIR to any engineering change request/orders then whenever ECO gets complete, automatically this indicator will glow to green to indicate that the DIR (attached drawing) is ready for further use.for ex:production"

can some body simplify the meaning of the indicator..

wat happens if we activate & deactivate this indicator..

where this indicator will turn to green...where v can c this indication...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bhanu,

Usually when you enter a status with the 'Complete for ECM' flag it will be not possible further to change the status of the DIR.

You will find this flag in transaction DC10 in the detail screen for a specific document status. The F1 help informs you about the following:

Completion message for engineering change management

This indicator shows that a document with this status is effectively "completed" for engineering change management purposes.


Before a document can have a status with this indicator, the system checks the object management record for the document in the change master record linked to the document.

The document can only be given this status if the current system status is defined as a previous status for the system status "change released". If this is the case, the object management record in the change master record is changed automatically: the system status is set to "change released". If this is not the case, the document info record cannot be given a status with this indicator.

However as far as I know there is no green indicator shown in the document info record.

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Hi Christopher,

You are right. But the Green Indicator is available in DIR screen near by Document Status field.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Bhanu,

ECM - Engineering Change Management..

whenever there is any change in either of objects (document,BOM,material..etc) and to track all these changes along with history we make use of ECR/ECO.

- when ECR/ECO is created for particular object and after ECR/ECO is marked as complete further changes to the object is processed and here the indication "complete for ECM" is considered.

hope i am able to clear.

Thank You,