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DMS tables and Function Modules

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Hi Leads,

I am new to DMS and I have requirement like this.

I need to get the data from Content Server Files and I need to post them into SAP R/3.

So, for that I need to know all the relevant tables , where the data of these files will be stored...


The function modules which can help us to get the data from these files.

Can you please tell me the Relavant Tables and Function Modules.



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Hi Chris

These are some of the list of tables.

DMS_CONT1_CD1 DVS: Document conetnts in SAP-DB (main original

DMS_CONT1_HD1 DVS: Document contents in SAP-DB (additional fi

DMS_CONT2_CD1 DVS: Document conetnts in SAP-DB (main original

DMS_CONT2_HD1 DVS: Document contents in SAP-DB (additional fi

DMS_CONV2KPRO1 Conversion DMS storage data

DMS_CONV2KPRO2 Log table for conversion

DMS_DOC2LOIO DVS: Link table DVS Key <-> LOIO-ID

DMS_DOC_FILES DMS: File Names for Documents

DMS_DOC_FOLDER1 DMS: Folder for documents (Header)

DMS_DOC_FOLDER2 DMS: Folder for documents (descirptions)

DMS_DOC_FOLDER3 DMS: Folder for documents (structure)

DMS_DOC_FOLDER4 Determine All Subscribed Root Folders

DMS_DOKNRCNV Data for Document Number Conversion

DMS_DOKNRCONV Data for Document Number Conversion

DMS_FILE_CP DMS: Change Documents for Originals in KPRO

DMS_GUID GUID for Documentmanagement

DMS_IDX_MIMES DMS: Definition of the MIME type indexing

DMS_LODESC_CD1 DVS: LOIO-Descirption of the main original (con

DMS_LODESC_HD1 DVS: LOIO-Description of additional data (help

DMS_LORE_CD1 DVS: Outgoing links LOIOS for main originals

DMS_LORE_HD1 DVS: Otgoing links LOIOS for additional files

DMS_USER_DEF01 DMS: User-Specific Settings

DRAD Document-Object Link

DRAD_LAST_CHANGE DMS: Last Changes to Object Link

DRAO Originals for documents

DRAOZ Additional Files for DMS Originals

DRAP Document Log File

DRAT Texts for Document Info Records

DRAW Document Info Record

DRAW_LAST_CHANGE DMS: Last Changes to Document\

Hope you find this usefull.Also please elaborate your requirements.

With Regards

Mangesh Pande