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DMS file redirect to system path "/usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/work"

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Dear Guru

I has some proplem with DMS

User attech file by T-Code CV01N and "Check In", that file is redirect to "/usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/work" and change filename as below

PRD90000000000000000000676 dev_tp.old

PRD90000000000000000000677 dev_w0

PRD90000000000000000000678 dev_w0.old

PRD90000000000000000000679 dev_w1

PRD90000000000000000000680 dev_w1.old

PRD90000000000000000000681 dev_w10

PRD90000000000000000000682 dev_w10.old

I try to file config to change to anathor path, but cannot.

Because this path is nearly full,

Please helpe me to file config and change to anathor path.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Witoon,

I guess you have not configured your system to use KPRO. You are using a vault configuration and path has been defined as


You need to check the valut settings and change the path of the vault in DC20.

Define data carrier type "vault"


Deepak Kori

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Hi, deepakkori

Thank very much, my proplem solved.

I have another problem, some DMS file I saw at work directory but when I open on CV03N.

show "File PRD90000000000000000001533 could not be accessed"

I already check on work directory, file is exist and permission is currect.

Please help me.


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