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DMS - Adding other objects

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My company is interested in linking DMS records to Routing and Reference Operation Sets objects.  I did some research and found documentation on how to add other objects to SAP.  I am surprised to learn that this is a modification to SAP.  Did I understand that correctly?  We want to avoid any modification.  Is there any other solution available without modifying SAP?

Kind regards,

Julie Norman

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Hi Julie,

I think you can run SAP DMS in combination with PP routings without any modification.

In my company we do this very well ...

You can use documents in function of PRTs (production resources and tools).

But you have to assign documents to an operation of the routing. If you not have an fitting operation, I suggest to implement a new operation 9999 for linking documents to routings in general. And I recommend: lock this operation for any confirmation ...

Here is an example of a routing. You can see on the PRT checkbox of operation 0200, that PRTs = documents are assigned.

If you switch by the PRT button you can see the linked documents. Documents are PRTs of category D = document. E = equipment ... in our case, the production tool

If you are in change mode you can add documents to routing operations by ussing the button "document".

If you create new orders based on the routing, these PRTs will be copied then to the orders, e.g. if you have a technical drawing, you can add this to the routing and you will have this in the orders, too.

Keep in mind, that if a document is used by PRT you have a where-used linkage in background. You will not be able to delete the document, if this usage is active. But this should be clear ...

If you want to have more process control, you can configure, that documents must be releast first, before you can create new orders ... very powerful !

Because of reference oeration sets I have no experiance ... sorry.

Feel free to ask if you need more Information.



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Hi Julie,

There are some standard (Production Order, material master, equipment, BOM etc) object links which you can use to link the document. But in some cases standard object does not fulfill business requirement. So you need to go for enhacement/modification. For eg Inspection Lot object link is notavailable in standard SAP DMS. Here you need to go for development/enhancement to create a new screen for the inspection lot.

Let me know if you want any more information.