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DMR - Skip Inspection lot

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Dear All,

I have created dynamic modification rule for skip lot ( T05 for every 5 lots), And set the dynamic modification at the lot level.

1. Created dynamic modification rule, with skip for Every 5 lots.

2. DMR is set at the lot level.

3. DMR is created for lot creation level not for UD

4. While creating a GR, lot created automatically, here my problem is all the 5 lot are open for result recording, I am getting the lot status as "REL CALC SPRQ QLCH" and it is not changing to skip even if i give ud for the lots.

5. Inspection stage change happens correctly after 5 lots to normal inspection in the quality level.

Kindly guide me to solve this problem.


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Answers (3)

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You need to assign this DM rule to the inspection plan and material combination.

In the inspection plan header u need to assign the rule and the dmr type.

Then it will work .

For first lot RR will be open and for the next 5 lots only UD will be open.

For that too you can go for automatic UD.

Hope this helps.


Ananth Raj

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hi selvam,

when you have activated DMR for the material, lot will be generated for skip lot as well, but the quantity wil not be under quality inspection.

Have u checked whether the quantity is there under quality or in un-restricted use?