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Distrubution & Assessment cycles - CO

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I seem to be having problems when executing the cycles. The sender is correct but there seems to be no receiver. The error message I got was "The segment contains no receivers"-GA733. Could it be because the version that I'm using is different than the documentation provided? If so how do I change the indicators in "Partner object update" table? Or what else do I do as I've tried every possible solutions given and the only thing that is changing is the number of messages. The number of senders is correct but only number of receivers is shown 0. Please help.

rina j

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The assessment is always done based on the sender values getting transferred from the cost objects / cost elements to the receiver objects.

The receiver cost objects receives the values based on the variable portions and the cost elements in the receiver objects, or statistical key figures etc.,

In you case, may be the range of cost elements you have given in the "Receiving Tracking Factors" and receivable Var portion type in Segment Header, may not have the values in the receiving cost objects.