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Distribution channel charachteristic

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Dear Experts,

I have an issue I 'm using the standard distribution channel in COPA from fixed values but the values in reports are not correct some of dist.channels don't have values in spite of I checked their values in the SD standard reports so Can I use the distribution channel from another table like VBAK because I think the problem because it takes the data from MVKE.

So could you please help me because it is urgent.



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Hi Ahmed,

Use Tr Code KE4ST and enter the billing document for which you see D,Chl Values are coming incorrect.

Select any Line Item and click on the push button Characteristics and then click on the Push button Display Derivation Analysis. and see if you can make out any problem.

I would not advise you to write another step for deriving the D.Chl, without knowing the exact reason for the problem, as it may have negative implications.

If everything is fine and still you are facing the issue, seek the support of SAP Support Team. They will be extremely supportive and helpful.

Best Regards


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Hello Ahmed,

Analyse the derivation in the COPA document. As said by Choi, if everything is standard, it would flow as coming in sales reports. In case you are using some user exit to manipulate the value in sales document, ensure the same impact flows to COPA as well.


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I don’t understand your problem.

Because Distribution channel as Characteristics  is transferred from  table VBAK table.

If you  use  “Characteristic Derivation rule” to get Distribution channel from VBAK table,

Refer to the below procedure.

1. Go to IMG Menu.


2. Click "create step" toolbar button and select "Table lookup" radio button in pop-up screen.


3. Input table name.


4. Input Source field and target field.